Unfortunately the current management team at Cupar Hearts AFC are unable to continue in their roles next season due to unexpected work and / or family committments so we are now looking for a new management team for next season. The current management team are fully aware of our search for a new management team and are working with the committee to support and assist us.

Ideally we are looking for a team (2/3) of guys who have already established a good working realtionship with each other in a similar role at a club and with a good knowledge of football in Fife in general.

Alternatively, we will also consider any individuals who are not currently members of a management team, but may be willing to get together with each other and form a working relationship. It may also be an ideal opportunity for any player at, or nearing the end of his playing career, who is considering a route into a management / coaching position but is not yet ready to take on the responsibility of being a number one.

It is hoped that we can have a team in place by early July at the latest (but preferably sooner) to allow them ample time to organise pre-season training and friendlies.

Although successful applicants will be given the freedom of establishing their own football team, there is still some expectancy that they will consider ALL current players at the club and will be expected to have collective and individual conversations with current players during the pre-season break. Although the aim of the club is to achieve success by winning titles, there will be no expectancy or pressure placed on a new management / coaching team to achieve this in their first season. We are more focussed on trying to find a team that are able to commit and work towards establishing and maintaining a level of success and achievement over a number of years in the future.

Each and every GENUINE enquiry will be considered. Initial enquiries are likely to be followed up by an informal chat with a few members of the committee. Please make initial enquireies by telephone to Jim Smith, Chairman on 07752 871 545 (between 5pm and 9pm ONLY), or by e-mail to: cuparjim@aol.co.uk