Results 03/10/15

Scottish Amateur Cup 2nd Round

Cupar Hearts 0-1 Bowhill Rovers
Newcraighall Leith Vics 0-7 Leven United
Freuchie Afc 1-3 Rosyth Civil Service
Methilhill Afc 1-3 Kettle United
Greigpark Rangers 0-3 Kirkcaldy Ymca
Tranent Afc 0-2 Kinross
Boness Cadora 6-2 Eastvale
Melrose Afc 2-3 Balgonie Scotia
Dunblane Thistle 2-2 Lumphinnans United
Musselburgh Windsor 1-3 Strathmiglo United

Cupar Hearts 0-1 Bowhill Rovers

Early Cup exit for Cupar.

Saturday 3rd October 2015.

Scottish Cup 2nd round.


Lumphinnans United 7-3 Cupar Hearts

Disastrous second half sees Hearts suffer another loss.

Saturday 26th September 2015.

Kingdom Caledonian League.


Results 26/09/15

North of Tay Cup 1st Round

Kinross 1-5 Menziehill

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 2-6 Eastvale
Greigpark Rangers 2-6 Leven United
Kettle United 3-3 Glenrothes
Lumphinnans United 7-3 Cupar Hearts
Strathmiglo United 1-2 Rosyth Civil Service

Fence ‘N’ Deck Cup Draw

Fence ‘N’ Deck Cup 1st Round

1.Balgonie Scotia v Cupar Hearts
2.Greigpark Rangers v Kettle United
3.Lumphinnans United v Strathmiglo United
4.Bowhill Rovers v Kinross Afc

Fence ‘N’ Deck Cup 2nd Round

4.v Eastvale
3.v 2
1. v Rosyth Civil Service
Glenrothes Afc v Leven United

Scottish Brewers Cup Draw

Scottish Brewers Cup 1st Round

1.Leven United v Greigpark Rangers
2.Strathmiglo United v Lumphinnans United
3.Kettle United v Cupar Hearts
4.Glenrothes Afc v Eastvale

Scottish Brewers Cup 2nd Round
Rosyth Civil Service v 1
3 v Balgonie Scotia
4 v Bowhill Rovers
2 v Kinross Afc

Kingdom Challenge Cup Draw

Kingdom Challenge Cup 1st Round

1.Rosyth Civil Service v Balgonie Scotia
2.Eastvale v Lumphinnans United
3.Cupar Hearts v Bowhill Rovers
4.Kettle United v Strathmiglo United

Kingdom Challenge Cup 2nd Round
2. v Leven United
Glenrothes Afc v 4
1. v 3
Kinross Afc v Greigpark Rangers

Results 19/09/15

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 1-5 Bowhill Rovers
Eastvale 2-2 Kettle United
Glenrothes Afc 1-3 Greigpark Rangers
Kinross Afc 5-0 Cupar Hearts
Lumphinnans United 3-1 Rosyth Civil Service

Results 12/09/15

Scottish Amateur Cup 1st Round Replay

Glenrothes 3-5 Stirling Univ

Kingdom Caledonian League

Cupar Hearts 0-2 Balgonie Scotia
Bowhill Rovers 1-2 Lumphinnans United
Greig park Rangers 4-2 Kinross
Leven United 3-1 Rosyth Civil Service
Strathmiglo United 2-4 Eastvale

Scottish Cup 2nd Round Draw

Ties to be played 03/10/15.

Cupar Hearts v Bowhill Rovers
Bo’ness Cadora v Eastvale
Greig Park Rangers v Kirkcaldy YMCA
Musselburgh Windsor v Strathmiglo United
Melrose v Balgonie Scotia
Freuchie v Rosyth Civil Service
Newcraighall Leith Victoria v Leven United
Methilhill Strollers v Kettle United
Dunblane Thistle v Lumphinnans United
Tranent v Kinross
Ochilview Airth v Glenrothes/ Stirling Uni

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