Fife Cup Draw

Fife Amateur Cup 1st Round
1.Lomond Vics v Burntisland United
2.Eastvale v Fife Thistle
3.Balgonie Scotia v Denbeath
4.Auchtermuchty v Leven United
5.Bowhill Rovers v Kingseat Athletic
6.Cupar Hearts v Methilhill Strollers
7.Leslie Hearts v A M Soccer
8.Greigpark Rangers v F C Bayside
9.Lumphinnans United v Inverkeithing Afc

Fife Amateur Cup 2nd Round
Kettle United v 7
Fossoway Afc v Rosyth Civil Service
Dysart Afc v Freuchie Afc
Glenrothes Afc v 5
2 v 3
Lomond United v 9
4 v Pittenweem
Strathmiglo United v Kirkcaldy Rovers
St Andrews Afc v Rosyth Afc
Hearts/Beath v Buckhaven Town
Glenrothes Athletic v Rosebank Rangers
Glenrothes Strollers v St Andrews Univ
Kirkcaldy Ym v St Monans
Newport Afc v Kingdom Athletic
6 v Valleyfield Afc
1 v 8

1st round ties and any clear cut 2nd round ties to be played on 18/10/14.

Results 13/09/14

Scottish Amateur Cup 1st Round Replay

Fallin Afc 2-1 Lumphinnans United

M+H Engineering League Cup 2nd Round

Cupar Hearts 0-4 Eastvale

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 3-1 Kettle United
Rosyth Civil Service 3-0 Glenrothes Afc
Kinross Afc 2-9 Strathmiglo United
Bowhill Rovers 1-1 Leven United

Zomba United

Back in 2010 when Cupar Hearts donated an old set of strips they couldn’t imagine that four years later Zomba United would still kick off in the maroon of Cupar.

Zomba United are a semi-professional team and play in the Southern Region Football League Premier Division in Malawi.

Wanangwa Jere, whose wife is from Letham was home visiting when he came up to watch the Hearts and took the strips back to Malawi.

He came back recently and was up supporting Cupar Hearts at a game.

He said “We are very thankful for the jerseys. When I took them home everyone was very excited. In Africa it is very difficult to get uniforms for football so we are very grateful to Cupar Hearts. I hope that the relationship between our teams continues to grow.”

Pictured below is Zomba United.


Results 06/08/14

Scottish Amateur Cup 1st Round

Maddiston Afc 3-2 Eastvale
St Ninians Borestone Afc 1-2 Balgonie Scotia
Lumphinnans United 1-1 Fallin Afc
Freuchie Afc 3-1 Glenrothes Afc

Kingdom Caledonian League

Bowhill Rovers 9-1 Kettle United
Cupar Hearts 1-0 Strathmiglo United
Greigpark Rangers 6-0 Kinross Afc
Leven United 3-1 Rosyth Civil Service

Results 30/08/14

M+H Engineering League Cup 1st Round

Cupar Hearts 2-0 Balgonie Scotia
Lumphinnans United 4-2 Glenrothes Afc
Kettle United 2-4 Greig Park Rangers
Kinross Afc v Rosyth Civil Service -[Cancelled]

M+H Engineering League Cup 2nd Round

Leven United 4-0 Strathmiglo United

Kingdom Caledonian League

Bowhill Rovers 1-0 Eastvale

Cupar Hearts 2-0 Balgonie Scotia

Early goal sets Hearts up for the win.

Saturday 30th August 2014.

M+H Engineering League Cup 1st Round.


Results 26/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Kettle United 0-2 Eastvale
Glenrothes Afc 0-7 Balgonie Scotia
Cupar Hearts 2-3 Greig Park Rangers
Leven United 3-0 Strathmiglo United
Rosyth Civil Service 4-0 Kinross Afc
Lumphinnans United P-P Bowhill Rovers

Glenrothes 0-4 Cupar Hearts

A spectacular Paul Cuss double helps Hearts to victory.

Kingdom Caledonian League

Saturday 23rd August 2014


Results 23/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Glenrothes Afc 0-4 Cupar Hearts
Strathmiglo United 3-3 Bowhill Rovers
Lumphinnans United 7-2 Kinross Afc
Rosyth Civil Service 2-2 Balgonie Scotia
Eastvale 1-3 Greig Park Rangers
Kettle United 1-6 Leven United

Results 19/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Rosyth Civil Service 1-2 Lumphinnans United
Kinross Afc 0-5 Leven United
Strathmiglo United 3-0 Balgonie Scotia
Glenrothes Afc 1-4 Eastvale
Greigpark Rangers 5-0 Kettle United
Cupar Hearts 2-4 Bowhill Rovers

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