Results 30/08/14

M+H Engineering League Cup 1st Round

Cupar Hearts 2-0 Balgonie Scotia
Lumphinnans United 4-2 Glenrothes Afc
Kettle United 2-4 Greig Park Rangers
Kinross Afc v Rosyth Civil Service -[Cancelled]

M+H Engineering League Cup 2nd Round

Leven United 4-0 Strathmiglo United

Kingdom Caledonian League

Bowhill Rovers 1-0 Eastvale

Cupar Hearts 2-0 Balgonie Scotia

Early goal sets Hearts up for the win.

Saturday 30th August 2014.

M+H Engineering League Cup 1st Round.

Match report to follow.

Results 26/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Kettle United 0-2 Eastvale
Glenrothes Afc 0-7 Balgonie Scotia
Cupar Hearts 2-3 Greig Park Rangers
Leven United 3-0 Strathmiglo United
Rosyth Civil Service 4-0 Kinross Afc
Lumphinnans United P-P Bowhill Rovers

Glenrothes 0-4 Cupar Hearts

A spectacular Paul Cuss double helps Hearts to victory.

Kingdom Caledonian League

Saturday 23rd August 2014


Results 23/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Glenrothes Afc 0-4 Cupar Hearts
Strathmiglo United 3-3 Bowhill Rovers
Lumphinnans United 7-2 Kinross Afc
Rosyth Civil Service 2-2 Balgonie Scotia
Eastvale 1-3 Greig Park Rangers
Kettle United 1-6 Leven United

Results 19/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Rosyth Civil Service 1-2 Lumphinnans United
Kinross Afc 0-5 Leven United
Strathmiglo United 3-0 Balgonie Scotia
Glenrothes Afc 1-4 Eastvale
Greigpark Rangers 5-0 Kettle United
Cupar Hearts 2-4 Bowhill Rovers

Results 16/08/14

Kingdom Caledonian League

Eastvale 1-4 Cupar Hearts
Greig park Rangers 3-0 Glenrothes Afc
Kinross Afc 6-4 Kettle United
Leven United 1-1 Lumphinnans United
Strathmiglo United 5-2 Rosyth Civil Service

Eastvale 1-4 Cupar Hearts

Great team performance sees Hearts off to the perfect start.

Saturday 16th August 2014.

Kingdom Caledonian League.



Fixtures 16/8/14

Glendale Plastics League

Eastvale v Cupar Hearts
Greigpark Rangers v Glenrothes Afc
Kinross Afc v Kettle United
Leven United v Lumphinnans United
Strathmiglo United v Rosyth Civil Service
Free Balgonie Scotia
Idle Bowhill Rovers
All 2.00ko

Fixtures 19/8/14

Glendale Plastics League

Rosyth Civil Service v Lumphinnans United
Kinross Afc v Leven United
Strathmiglo United v Balgonie Scotia
Glenrothes Afc v Eastvale
Greigpark Rangers v Kettle United
Cupar Hearts v Bowhill Rovers
All 6.30ko

Fixtures 23/8/14

Glendale Plastics League

Glenrothes Afc v Cupar Hearts
Bowhill Rovers v Strathmiglo United
Lumphinnans United v Kinross Afc
Kettle United v Leven United
Rosyth Civil Service v Balgonie Scotia
Eastvale v Greigpark Rangers
All 2.00ko

Fixtures 26/8/14
Glendale Plastics League

Kettle United v Eastvale
Balgonie Scotia v Glenrothes Afc
Cupar Hearts v Greigpark Rangers
Lumphinnans United v Bowhill Rovers
Leven United v Strathmiglo United
Rosyth Civil Service v Kinross Afc
All 6.30ko

Fixtures 30/8/14

M+H Engineering League Cup 1st Round

Cupar Hearts v Balgonie Scotia
Kinross Afc v Rosyth Civil Service
Lumphinnans United v Glenrothes Afc
Kettle United v Greigpark Rangers

M+H Engineering League Cup 2nd Round

Leven United v Strathmiglo United

Glendale Plastics League

Bowhill Rovers v Eastvale
All 2.00ko

Pre-season Training Schedule Season 2014-2015

1Tues 8th July7 P.M.Duffus ParkTraining
2Thurs 10th July7 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
3Sat 12th July1 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
4Tues 15th July7 P.MDuffus ParkTraining
5Thurs 17th July7 P.M.Duffus ParkTraining
6Sat 19th July2 P.M. TayportTayport JFC
7Tues 22nd July7.30 P.M. Duffus Park St James AFC
8Thurs 24th July7 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
9Sat 26th JulyTBCDuffus ParkDuffus Cup
10Tues 29th July 7 P.M. TBCAway game
11Thurs 31st July7 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
12Sat 2nd/ Sun 3rd AugustTBCSt AndrewsSt Andrews Tournament
13Tues 5th August7 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
14Thurs 7th August 7 P.M.Duffus Park Pittenweem Rovers
15Sat 9th August 2.30 P.M. St MonansSt Monans AFC
16Tues 12th August7 P.M. Duffus ParkTraining
17Thurs 14th August 7 P.M. Duffus Park Training
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