Race Night


Lumphinnans United 2-2 Cupar Hearts

Hearts lose two goal advantage and go out on penalties.

Saturday 25th April 2015.

Scottish Brewers Cup 2nd Round.


Results 25/04/15

Kingdom Challenge Cup Semi-Final

Greig Park Rangers 3-4 Leven United

Scottish Brewers Cup 2nd Round

Lumphinnans United 2-2 Cupar Hearts [Lumph won on pens]

Fence ‘N’ Deck Cup 1st Round

Kinross Afc 2-8 Eastvale

Kingdom Caledonian League

Bowhill Rovers 3-1 Strathmiglo United
Rosyth Civil Service 2-2 Kettle United

Results 21/04/15

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 3-3 Strathmiglo United
Cupar Hearts 0-0 Rosyth Civil Service

Results 18/04/15

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 0-1 Greig Park Rangers
Cupar Hearts 2-0 Kettle United
Strathmiglo United 2-0 Eastvale
Kinross Afc 0-4 Rosyth Civil Service
Leven United 1-1 Bowhill Rovers
Lumphinnans United 4-1 Glenrothes Afc

Results 14/04/15

Kingdom Caledonian League

Balgonie Scotia 2-4 Cupar Hearts
Eastvale 3-4 Strathmiglo United
Kinross Afc 1-7 Bowhill Rovers
Lumphinnans United 3-0 Rosyth Civil Service

Results 11/04/15

Kingdom Challenge Cup Semi-Final

Rosyth Civil Service 2-0 Eastvale

Fence ‘N’ Deck Cup 2nd Round

Strathmiglo United 4-3 Cupar Hearts

Kingdom Caledonian League

Glenrothes Afc 0-9 Bowhill Rovers
Lumphinnans United 3-3 Kettle United
Kinross Afc 2-3 Balgonie Scotia

Results 04/04/15

Kingdom Caledonian League

Cupar Hearts 4-2 Glenrothes Afc
Greig Park Rangers 2-1 Strathmiglo United
Kettle United 0-2 Balgonie Scotia
Leven United 11-0 Kinross Afc
Rosyth Civil Service 2-3 Eastvale

Fife Amateur Cup 4th Round

Lumphinnans United 0-0 Bowhill Rovers
(Lumphinnans won on pens)

Cupar Hearts Mascots


Greig Park Rangers 2-0 Cupar Hearts

Hearts suffer defeat to League leaders.

Saturday 28th March 2015.

Kingdom Caledonian League.


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